chelation therapy

The word "chelation" in Chelation Therapy stems from “chele” or “claw” in Greek. It means to “claw out” impurities from the body. See Images 3 & 4. The synthetic amino acid ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is one of the main chelating compounds McDonagh Medical Center uses to remove heavy metals, deposits of excess minerals, reduce inflammation and enhance blood flow to tissues.

Edward McDonagh, DO, began using IV EDTA in 1967. Later, Charles Rudolph, Jr, DO, PhD joined Dr McDonagh in 1977 and formed a partnership. That year the two had the McDonagh Medical Center building constructed in its current location and became leaders in chelation therapy in the US.

Chelation Therapy Can Help:

Blood Circulation

Lead Poisoning

Remove Heavy Metals