I am an FP physician who has spent my career in what would be considered traditional medicine. Truth is, how I would tell a patient to treat knee pain is dictated by “standard of care” and insurance companies. What I would actually do, and what I actually did when I had knee pain was go see Dr. Wennerstrom at McDonagh. I’m a runner and tennis player so a knee injury could easily diminishes my quality of life. It’s one thing to try prolo and ozone once and it worked. BUT for it to work a SECOND time, 3 years after the first, after orthopedics and my traditional medicine colleagues recommended an MRI and a steroid injection….is my testament to this clinic and their approach to treatment. I’ve never had an MRI or a steroid injection. I’m back on the tennis court and running my regimen. I’ve done this for my knees and my great toe which has diagnosed osteosclerosis. I thank Dr. Wennerstrom for doing what she does and showing that there are other options when the traditionalists and “everyone else” thinks otherwise.

Dr. Anderson is the best doctor we have ever had. He takes a natural approach rather than pushing pills. Our family has never been healthier! Why bother with other doctors when you can go to the best!
Everyone is professional and courteous in the office and medical staff. The provider was amazing and had an abundance of knowledge regarding my diagnosis that she shared with me during my visit. They even called to check on me the next day. I would recommend this clinic to all my family and friends!
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