Ozone Therapy

Miscellaneous Ozone Treatments
Ozone has a wide array of applications clinically. Stethoscope ozone, rectal/vaginal/penile insufflation, subcutaneous wound ozone, dental ozone, and sinus ozone are all available at McDonagh Medical Center. Ozone is an immune system modulator. It stimulates the NAD/NADH oxidation/reduction system, stimulates mitochondria to produce ATP, improves tissue oxygenation, is virucidal/bactericidal/fungicidal/parasiticidal and can destroy dysplastic cells. It is anti-inflammatory and stimulates many anti-oxidant systems.

Ozone MAH
Using German technology, blood is directly ozonated and oxygenated then returned to the patient using hyperbaric pressure.

Ozone Dialysis
Originating in Malaysia over 20 years ago, this is the latest technology in ozone treatments. The patient’s blood interacts directly with ozone through a dialysis membrane, allowing 4-8x the amount of ozone exposure than 10-pass MAH.