mic-b12 injections

MIC is an acronym for L-Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.
These are 3 beneficial substances known to help mobilize fat. Specifically, they are lipotropic, helping to metabolize fat and assist in clearing it from the liver and other tissues. When used in conjunction with the adoption of diet and lifestyle changes, MIC-B12 injections have the maximum effect.

Methionine – 1 of 8 essential amino acids with multiple properties, including mobilizing and eliminating fat cells.

Inositol – a carbohydrate the body is able to synthesize, once thought to be a B vitamin. It helps the liver break down fat stores in the tissues. Inositol also has positive effects on the brain, including a mild anti-depressant effect.

Choline – an essential nutrient produced in small quantities in the liver. There it acts as a methyl donor and is a component of liver detox reactions. It is an important component of fat metabolism. Choline and inositol combine to form lecithin, which also assists with fat metabolism. This nutrient also helps mental well-being.

B12 – a water soluble vitamin with numerous important activities within the body, including assisting with fat mobilization.

Weekly injections are recommended over the course of approximately 8 weeks. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to notice positive effects.