Mercury, Autism, Childhood Immunizations, & APOE

There has long been a controversy between proponents and opponents of immunizations and their possible connection to autism. The baby shots are preserved with thimerosal or diethyl mercury. If the child cannot detoxify the mercury, the brain short-circuits, so to speak, and autism can develop. Babies now get upwards of 10-12 immunizations, each with a dose or mercury. To better understand this relationship, we need to understand some basic genetics.

There is a protein that the body produces from the instructions of our genes called ApoE, whose function is to detoxify the brain of heavy metals. (Note: It is the function of the DNA in our genes to direct the manufacturing of proteins with specific functions.) It comes in three forms, ApoE2 (the good form), ApoE3 (a mediocre form), and ApoE4 (the bad form). ApoE4 has no ability to detoxify mercury from the brain. Since a chromosome has two genese, the worst combination would be to have an ApoE4 gene on both chromosomes which is called a double ApoE4. Since the ApoE4 has a prevalence of 20 percent, then the chance of having two ApoE4s would be 20 percent of 20 percent, or 4 percent, so only 1 in 25 infants is predisposed to develop autism. This is why the medical establishment says there is no relationship between autism and baby shots containing mercury.

A doctor friend of mine in North Carolina tested 15 kids who developed autism after their baby shots, and all 15 had two copies of the ApoE4 gene. I watched a news program in late August which showed that by using mercury-specific chelating agents, there can be a disappearance of all signs of autism. This is because if the brain lacks an enzyme to detoxify mercury, then modern medicine can take over the function of that gene with chelation. Any child who has developed autism after their baby shots should be tested for their ApoE genotype to see what copies of the ApoE gene are carried in their genetic makeup. We have an autism protocol in which one of the tests is a blood test to see if there is a double ApoE4. We also check mercury levels and, if indicated, can pursue therapy in an effort to help the child deal with mercury detoxification and the autism.