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Dr. Wennerstrom is excited to announce her recent purchase of McDonagh Medical Center! Her role as physician will not change, but her responsibilities will broaden into clinic management under her new role as owner. The transition will occur over time, but positive changes are coming to the clinic. Your feedback is welcomed! Dr. Rudolph will relax a little bit and focus more on his patient practice, rather than managerial responsibilities as that torch has been passed on. Thank you for your continued support as we continue to make McDonagh Medical Center great!

Welcome to the McDonagh Medical Center Website! We here at the clinic have three main focus areas to our practice:


EDTA Chelation Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Please click on the links above to find valuable information about these areas of our practice. In addition, in the left column there is a list of practice features that we have available and in the right column, we have a partial list of some of the disorders we treat. Click on our new

Patient Center

to find information on the clinic including our section on

Process of Becoming a Patient

and also download forms that need to be filled out before you are seen in our practice.

To the right is some news and notes and articles that have appeared in our Happy Apple newsletter explaining the detail of oral chelation vs intravenous chelation therapy and also the safety and benefit of our treatment practice.

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