Chelation Therapy is a technique the Doctor McDonagh and Rudolph have been doing together since 1977 (almost 33 years) at McDonagh Medical Center and Doctor McDonagh was doing it 10 years before their partnership in 1977. They have a total combined experience of about 75 years and have written 32 scientific papers on the subject making then the most published physicians in the world on the use of EDTA chelation in patients with heart disease (#30) , hypertension (#17), ruptured discs (in combination with prolotherapy) (#29), blocked leg arteries (#14), blocked carotid (neck) arteries (#23& #27), blocked renal (to kidney) arteries (#32), macular degeneration (#31), Osteoporosis (#21) Fatigue (#12) and emphysema (#22).

They have authored two scientific papers that seem to put to rest the rumor that, when used properly, this therapy causes kidney damage (#6& #18) which traditional practitioners, not familiar with the treatment, use to frighten prospective patients from this therapy. For a detailed analysis on this controversy, see our section on Safety of EDTA. After reading the above, it will be apparent that the kidney function, on the average, improves with our program.

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There are 3 major areas that I want to focus on in this educational endeavor: