You will find stories of patients that had success with our clinic! We thank our first patients to share their stories with the rest of McDonagh Medical Center community! We hope to share more of your stories soon!

My husband, Bob and I as well as our daughter Tess have all had positive experiences at McDonagh. About 12 years ago Bob knew he had heart problems and tests showed damage to lower lobe and an extra beat. Dr Rudolph said it could be healed with nutrition so prescribed supplements and chelation and a few months later tests showed the heart problems were gone. I feel fortunate that Dr Rudolph and Dr Wennerstrom prescribe natural thyroid rather than synthetic, which I was unable to take. Also Dr Wennerstrom ran tests of my daughter and I which discovered genetic mutations which can be treated with supplements. My daughter said Dr Wennerstrom is a doctor who actually cares about your total well-being.

My daughter had me checked out in California for plaque build-up in arteries. Chelation was suggested. Came to McDonagh's clinic, started chelation and was told my back was worn out. A year or two later was backpacking in Denali, Alaska when a strap on my back broke halfway on a 4 day stay. The pain was pretty bad, so when I returned started injections in back like I should earlier. Twice a week then 6 in a row, went on and in 6 months I had grown 1" - at age 59. I was told to measure myself at start because a patient that said he had gained an inch. In less than 2 years I had grown almost 2" in height. Hanging from rafters and eating a lot of gristle helped also. Since then found out that an arthritic ankle could be helped and in months it started getting better and the arthritis began going away slowly. I come in once a month now for chelation and injections and can do all I ever could. Steve

In 1995 I was 34 years old, had a four year old and I was having severe pain and swelling in my joints. I could hardly walk. I went to a medical Dr and he ran tests and I had a high Sed-rate which was the tell tale indicator of Rheumatoid Arthritis. So I was diagnosed and they started talking RA treatment with Gold medications etc. To say the least, I did not want to go this route as it sounded like a no win situation. I thought I would be in a wheel chair before I was 35 years old. Not to mention that I could not work due to the pain. I basically sat as much as possible because if I stood up I was in severe pain in every joint in my legs.

My Mother had studied up and followed Dr. McDonagh years prior and had told us that if any of us had issues, that she wanted us to go to McDonagh Medical Center and if our insurance did not pay, she would pay for us. Well, I made the appointment and was treated by Dr. Rudolph. To my relief I did not have RA but a buildup of Candida Yeast in my system of 4 times the normal. It was a slow process and I had to have treatment over a period of a year to get it down to normal and maintain it, but it was a life saver.

This center is awesome. I do not know where I would be today if it was not for Mc Donagh Center. I am in the process now of getting my husband to go. My insurance paid for almost if not more than 50% of the testing. But even if it had not, it was worth every penny!

Most recently, 2013, I was suffering from GERD and had no energy. My Dr. had me on Levithyroxine and Dr. Carry found out that I needed the Amour. I have been taking it and have tons of energy. I also took the knowledge I learned from Dr. Carry and had my husband talk to his Dr. about changing to Amour Thyroid. He refused, so my husband changed Drs. The new one put him on Armour Thyroid and he is doing wonderful. He has so much energy he is going to school full time and working full time. This would never have happened if he had not pushed to be put on Armour Thyroid. Some Drs just do not want to think outside the box like McDonaghs Center does. We do not all fit into that box. Keep up the good work Dr. Rudolph and Dr. Carry and God Bless You as you have blessed us with your talents and knowledge.


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