What Should Be Done Along with Prolotherapy to make it More Effective?

There are three basic components to rebuilding a joint. The Prolotherapy is the mainstay as it stabilizes the joint to essentially keep it from erasing itself. But the joint may have thinned and needs nutrients to help rebuild itself. The main nutrient is Glucosamine. If you would take a piece of cartilage and boil it in acid until your reach the smallest molecule it contains, that molecule would be Glucosamine. Hence, by supplementing with Glucosamine, you give the body the main nutrient it needs to heal itself. Then we take the guidance from the Trace Mineral Analysis (Click here for more information about Trace Mineral Analysis) and supplement the patient with whatever minerals they are deficient in and put them on Vitamins that help build collagen. In the older patient where there are a lot of arthritic spurs, EDTA chelation may be helpful but most patients do not usually need it.

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