What is Prolotherapy?

A little known but very successful treatment for the elimination of chronic or short-term pain in bones and joints has been available for several decades. Published medical studies attest to its effectiveness. No longer is it necessary for patients to suffer for months or years taking pain medication daily, until the joint is destroyed and the patients' lives are totally impaired. It is no longer necessary to resort finally, to surgery or artificial joint replacement.

Reconstructive therapy (also know as sclerotherapy and proliferative therapy) is a method of injecting an irritant and anesthetic into arthritic joints or into weakened, torn or pulled ligaments and tendons. This causes healing cells (fibroblasts) to travel to the weakened area and strengthen it. This has been proven in scientific studies including those done by George Hackett, M. D. in 1956; the University of Iowa in 1983 and 1985; and in a double-blind human study by the Sansun Research Foundation in 1987. There are also continuing studies in progress now. Dr. William Kubitshek, past president of the American Osteopathic Academy of Sclerotherapy states that over 600,000 people have been treated with this therapy.

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