What Are the Symptoms of someone Who May Benefit from Prolotherapy?

Symptoms indicating a problem that may be helped by econstructive therapy are:

Pain in any joint which has lasted for longer than 6 weeks

Any popping, snapping or cracking joint

Any joint, tendon or ligament which has had surgery but is painful or weak

Anyone who must change positions every 30 minute because of deep aching pain

Any joint, tendon or ligament that is helped by a brace or support

Any joint, tendon or ligament that swells after use

Anyone who has been placed on aspirin or arthritis medicine

Persons with shoulder pain or pain when sleeping on the shoulder

One who notices frequent joint dislocation

When a joint is generally worse with activity and better with rest (swimming and bike riding may be exceptions to this)

When osteopathic or chiropractic adjustments/manipulation help but don't last

Shoulder pain when moving or lifting an arm

When muscle relaxants or arthritis medications fail to resolve a problem within 6 weeks

When cortisone shots or nerve blocks have provided only temporary relief

Weakness and lack of endurance of the arm and shoulder

When surgery has failed or as an alternative to surgery

When a shoulder or joint is helped by a sling, brace or splint

If a ligament/tendon sprains and tears or arthritis has been diagnosed

If the shoulder pain can be described as deep aching or pulling. Other pains are possible

If there is shooting shoulder pain or tingling and numbness

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