What are the Results of the Therapy?

Successful therapy results in a permanent strengthening of the treated area. As a result thepatient is usually able to return to activities which formerly they were unable to do.

Each treatment session results in more and more tissue being laid down in the needed areas. As a result the joints continue to become stronger. The patient notes more endurance in that they can do more activities as well as activities they couldn't do before.The main side effect of the treatment is less pain as the result of the joint being stabilized. Also, snapping, clicking and popping sounds go away. The patients can usually feel the joint becoming stronger with each treatment they receive.

Results Are Permanent. Once a patient receives enough therapy to reconstruct the joint, tendon and/or ligament, the results are permanent. We have had patients who were involved in major auto accidents within 1 - 3 years after their joints had been reconstructed and the treated joints were found to remain strong even after their accidents. A positive outlook and persistence are necessary. One must belike a farmer growing a crop. He must work at it doing what is needed with enough repetition to regrow the tissues. To be complete this may take a growing season or two. Once you've gotten your result there isno going backwards. You make headway and keep going from there. The Clinic doctors are very excited about the therapy and have had it themselves and have provided it to hundreds of patients. The therapy has been written up favorably in The Lancet, a well respected medical journal.

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