How Long Has Prolotherapy been in Use?

In Use Over 60 Years The Therapy was discovered inthe United States in the 1920's by George S. Hackett,M. D. of Canton, Ohio and by two osteopathic physicians, Gedney and Shumann, in Philadelphia. The therapy never became widespread because the solution used is not a patented substance so there was no financial incentive for a pharmaceutical company to promote its use. A physician must be specially trained in the use of sodium morrhuate and the techniques.The patient must also have good biochemistry status to heal areas which have poor blood supply. Many people think that if they have no symptoms that they can heal their tendons, joints and ligaments. This is not true as biochemical problems can exist for many years before a symptom or tumor results.

The doctors recommended a customized detoxification program using natural methods to remove waste products left by drugs, pollutants, food additives and poor diet. Appropriate supplementation, bowel and dietary changes are also often recommended. Tendons and ligaments do not gain strength with exercise as many think. This is because there are no muscle fibers in a tendon or ligament. The non-surgical joint, tendon and ligament therapy is indicated for joint, tendon and ligament problems which exercise and all other methods fail to help. Although Medical Society guidelines do not permit public display of fees, the cost for this therapy is usually only a fraction of what a surgery costs and it also compares favorably with the cost of chair lifts, wheelchair braces, drugs and other aids which only help a patient live with the problem. The goal of the therapy is to permanently eliminate the patient's need for these devices and to regain independence.

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