How Long Does It Take to Reconstruct a Joint?

This varies upon a number of factors. Severity of the problems, amount of use and weight bearing, intestinal absorption and elimination, diet, mental attitude and overall health status are some of the elements which control the rate of reconstruction. In very general terms which may not apply to an individual case, it takes from several months to a year or longer, working 2 to 4 times a month to obtain maximum regrowth of tendons, ligaments and joints. Long distance patients can also obtain success by working intensively, obtaining treatment when they can. Patients are advised that the treatment should be viewed as similar to building a home. Once the results are obtained, they are assets that are permanent. For quickest results, weekly treatments are done. Patients may work slower if they wish. Some long distance patients elect to work intensively for 1 day - 2 days or even a week or longer before returning home. They return as they can until they receive maximum benefits.

We find the range where benefits occur are usually in 6-12 session. We have given as few as 2 and as many as 30 depending upon patients age and condition

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