How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Rudolph Steiner, Hans Heinrich, Reckwig Hahnemann and many others recognize that inflammation is the body's healing response. Inflammation has been studied in detail. It consists of a cascade of multiple biochemical events. These events are summarized as follows. (See Illustration below).

In an injury or inflammation, blood or bleeding occurs inthe traumatized area. White blood cells (neutrophils,monocytes, macrophages) and platelets travel to thearea. The injury releases irritants (kinins, cell membrane phospholipids) and other substances which cause activation of the white blood cells. They clear up the area by phagocytizing (eating) bacteria and other debris. In the process, the white blood cells and platelets release growth factors which cause three events of major importance. First, the growth factors cause new blood vessels to organize and form in the area. Second, the growth factors cause mitosis or cell division. Third, fibroblasts or healing cells become activated and lay down collagen or connective tissue. This rebuilds the traumatized inflamed area.

Reconstructive therapy involves the injection of biological irritants (in our case Calcium Gluconate or 50% dextrose) placed with a very fine slender needle atthe precise areas which need to be tightened., stabilized and rebuilt. This starts the repair cascade as described. The injection solution is combined with a local anesthetic to provide some immediate relief.

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