Nutritionally Oriented General Practice

When a patient comes into the office we treat a patient (with a problem) not just the problem. The best example of this is Vitamin C and a cold. When a patient comes into the office with a sore throat, we may find a need to prescribe an anti-biotic as would a traditional doctor. We then go that extra step to suggest things like adding a daily 500 mg Vitamin C tablet to the diet. There was a study done on a group of high school students where one half received a daily 500 mg tablet of Vitamin C and the other half received a placebo. There was no difference in the number of colds but it was noted that the individuals who were on the Vitamin C missed an average of 1.9 days per cold where the placebo group missed 3.7 days per cold, indicating the colds in the Vitamin C group were milder and probably did not require as many Doctors visits and expenses. This is one example as this whole philosophy resonates through our entire practice whether it be fish oils for the patient with high blood fats or magnesium supplement for the hypertensive patient and those patients with extra (skipped) beats.

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