Lung Function Testing with Spirometry

In the Clinic

Due to smoking and pollution in the big cities, there has been a surge of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), commonly known as Emphysema, among the baby boomer generation. We can do a simple test called Spirometry (see picture) where the patient simply blows as hard as they can into a device which measures how fast you can get air out of your lungs. Since COPD patients trap air, the ability to blow out air is reduced. While most treatments are just to alleviate symptoms, we have shown that, in patients being treated for vascular disease, the lung function in a COPD patient improve 10-15% (paper #22). We are not sure why but we speculate that the EDTA may improve the circulation, remove heavy metals (Cadmium levels are high in smokers) or removed calcification (as tissues age they calcify and become harder and perhaps chelation reverses it). Even though we are not sure why COPD patients improve, we are glad they do.

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