High Dose Vitamin C or Klenner Bottles

Most people think that the only IV treatments we use are chelation. There are two other type I.V. infusions: 1) Klenner Bottles and 2) Combo Bottles. The second is easy to explain as it is a combination (hence the nickname bestowed by the patients, Combo) that is partially chelation and partially a Klenner Bottle. Now we must ask what is the Klenner Bottle?

The Klenner bottle is named after Fred Klenner,MD a visionary physician who practiced in the 1940s and pioneered the use of high dose intravenous Vitamin C in viral infection like influenza, polio, hepatitis and other viral illnesses long before traditional medicine developed vaccines and antibiotics. Klenner used doses of Vitamin C in the range of 20 to 50 grams (20,000 to 50,000 milligrams) which at 50 grams would be an entire bottle of 100, 500 mg tablets in a single IV. We currently use doses in this range to treat such diverse conditions such as Influenza, Mononucleosis, Hepatitis A & B, Lyme Disease and other viral infections. Even traditional medicine is looking to this as possibly complimentary therapy for certain types of cancer. The late Hugh Riordan, MD published a paper where he reversed renal cell cancer using doses at 60 to 65 grams (he called his procedure the RENCAC protocol). Several major Universities including KUMC are also looking into this modality.

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