Alternative Medicine and Nutritional Therapies

The public spends roughly 50-100 billion dollars out of their own pockets seeking the services of alternative physicians. Alternative Doctors try to heal the body by treating the patient from within using many appropriate modalities. The best example is our very own specialty for blood vessel disease and hypertension is our chelation therapy. Traditionally, a patient is treated with medicines like anti-hypertensives and anti-angina drugs until they need surgery. I call this the watch and let die approach. If a patient has a problem, it makes more sense to be proactive and to try to reverse this with modalities specific to a certain problem, in this case EDTA chelation therapy and specific nutrients that help heal the arteries. The reader should visit our section on our published papers which demonstrate our success in vascular and other degenerative disorders.

For more information on the specific disorders we treat, please visit the section of the website dealing with Disorders Treated, as it gives the reader an idea of our alternative approaches.

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