Allergies and Ecological Medicine

We treat a significant amount of disorders (asthma, gastroenteritis, arthritis, tics, depression) where checking for allergies, especially food, may be an issue. We can go IgE (allergic immunoglobulin) blood testing but many of the patients that come to us have had that done and are not getting helped. We currently do an older test called the Cytotoxic Food Test (in the literature it is referred to the Leukocytotoxic Test of Bryan & Bryan) and try eliminating and rotating the foods. We then selectively rotate the food based on the severity of the reaction. We also do traditional testing and make allergy vaccines as does any allergist. If a patient is so bad that even we cant help them, we refer them to a specialized hospital for treating highly allergic individuals called an Ecology Unit. In 30 years, we have sent only 4 or 5 people to such a facility.

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