What Laws of Chemistry Make HBOT Possible?

Gas Laws Governing HBO Therapy

The clinical use of H80 therapy is governed to a great extent by physical gas laws interacting with biological systems.

Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures: The total pressure is the partial pressures of the two components gases,(Pt =P1+P2) that would be exerted by each of the gases if it alone was present and occupied the total volume.

Henry's Law: The degree to which a gas enters into physical solution in the body fluids is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas to which the fluid is exposed. However, the absolute amount of gas entering solution is determined by its solubility coefficient. The solubility coefficient varies with the fluid, and is temperature dependent, with the solubility inversely proportional to the temperature. Thus, the combination of H80 with hypothermia is advantageous because more oxygen can be dissolved than at normal body temperature and the metabolic demand would be reduced.

Boyle's Law: If the temperature remains consant, the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. Therefore, at 1 ATA the volume in a cavity is at 100%, at 2 ATA at 50%, and at 3 ATA at 33.3% (Table 1).

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