What is a Monoplace and Multiplace Chamber?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Our Two Monoplace Chambers

There are two types of Chambers: Monoplace that holds a single person and Multiplace which is a large chamber where 5 or 6 patients (hence the name multiplace) can be treated at once.

The Muliplace Chamber is difficult for many elderly, disabled and children because the Oxygen is delivered by wearing a mask and the chamber is pressurized with room air.

The Monoplace chamber is about 8 feet long and about 3 feet in diameter, permitting only single occupancy and is pressurized with oxygen. The patient is moved in and out of the chamber by means of a sliding stretcher cart with which it interlocks. The chamber walls are of clear heavy duty acrylic plastic. This plastic provides the patient with almost unlimited visibility and helps to reduce the feeling of claustrophobia. A communication system is provided which permits the patient to communicate any discomfort to the operator, and helps to reduce confinement anxietyy. The temperature within the chamber can be easily controlled. The monoplace chamber can be operated from the usual hospital oxygen supply system, bottled oxygen, or from a cryogenic system. Monoplace chambers are ideally suited for the treatment of most chronic conditions. Removal from a monoplace chamber can be accomplished is less than one minute. A good monoplace chamber is safe, easy to operate, and provides a 100% oxygen delivery system to the entire body.

At the Clinic we have two Monoplace Chambers as can be seen to the side.

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