Joint Instabilities

Joint instabilities or ligament laxity is the starting point for the degeneration of a joint. In essence, the ligaments get weak and they can not support the joint, so the joint starts moving around essentially erasing itself. The body feels it has to do something, so it tries to stabilize the joint by creating strong calcium deposits and bridges. This futile attempt, though, is the nail in the coffin for the joint. Prolotherapy, along with supplements such as Glucosamine, helps increase the stability of the joint allowing it time to heal itself with Glucosamine. EDTA chelation may be necessary, especially in the older patient, if there are a lot of calcium deposits involved. The Doctors authored a paper on MRI evidence of a 60% reduction in disc impingement after combined treatment with Prolotherapy, EDTA Chelation therapy and Glucosamine and other supplements (see paper # 29). Click here to go to the section dealing with Prolotherapy.

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