Our approach to autism is supplementary to any procedure that the patient is currently pursuing and is not meant to be a substitute to the patients current treatment. We have physicians at the Clinic who have taken the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) training and are listed as a DAN physician. Our focus is on toxic and metabolic derangements in these children. We will evaluate Mercury and heavy metal toxicity as well as mineral deficiencies though Trace Mineral Analysis of hair or by a provocative chelation technique using a transdermal (on the skin in this case the forearm) applied chelator (Click Here to visit the practice features section on Trace Metal Analysis). We the look at Candida (Click Here for more information on Candida Testing) and metabolic dysfunction using a test called Organic Acid Testing (OAT Test). The organic acids excreted in the urine are a reflection of normal and abnormal metabolism in the body. If a vitamin or amino acid is deficient, then the metabolism will follow different pathways and different Organic Acids will accumulate. By evaluating that pattern, we can come up with a supplement program to correct deficiencies. We also check for the activity of a brain enzyme called ApoE, which helps remove heavy metals from the brain (Click Here for more information on ApoE and autism). In certain individuals, the body converts milk and wheat protein to narcotic-like byproducts. We check for levels of casomorphin (from milk) and gliadomorphin (from wheat) to see if they are numbing the brain and will eliminate the food if they are. Finally, there is some suggestion that Hyperbaric Oxygen may be beneficial in these patients. I dont think anyone has unlocked the mystery of Autism but our approach certainly helps mitigate the symptoms.

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