Diabetes Adult Onset (Type 2)

In these patients we try to give them the best of traditional and alternative medicine. We do not take them off there diabetes medication until we see improvement. We do Trace Mineral Analysis on these patients (and also monitor hemoglobin A1C levels) and look for deficiencies. Many Diabetics are low in chromium and certain other trace minerals, so we use supplements to correct underlying deficiencies. The problem with diabetics is that they develop small blood vessel disease in the lower extremities that can lead to gangrene, so the aggressiveness of our approach has to do with the state at which we get them. It might be as simple as a bottle of Chromium supplements or as complicated as a gangrene that requires not only EDTA chelation but also Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to save the leg. A thorough evaluation by one of the Doctors will help let us know what stage the patient is at and will allow us to form a treatment plan.

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