The Effect of EDTA Chelation Therapy Plus Supportive Multivitamin-Trace Mineral Supplementation upon Renal Function:  A Study in Serum Creatinine

One of the alleged contraindications to the use of EDTA is possible renal damage.  Three hundred and eighty -three subjects with chronic degenerative disorders were treated with EDTA and supportive multivitamin-trace mineral supplements for approximately 50 days.   Overall, the fasting serum creatinine levels declined (P<0.05).   Specifically, those with relatively low initial serum, creatinine levels increased; those with relatively high, but generally felt to be within the physiologic range, levels declined; those in the area of approximately 1.0 mg/dl (the supposed ideal in terms of renal clearance) remained unchanged.  Hence, it would appear, within the limits of this study, that this therapeutic regimen is not nephrotoxic. There is even a suggestion that this treatment procedure may improve kidney function.

E. W. McDonagh, C. J. Rudolph and E. Cheraskin

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