A Nonsurgical Approach to Obstruction Carotid Stenosis Using EDTA Chelation

Thirty subjects with atherosclerotic vascular disease were treated with 3 gram intravenous infusions of disodium ethylene diamine tetreaacetic acid (EDTA).  These patients were evaluated objectively for both right and left internal carotid atheromatous stenosis at the bifurcation, before and after EDTA chelation.   Each subject had treatments over a period of approximately 10 months.  Overall intra-arterial obstruction decreased 20.9 + or - 2.3% (t=8.921, p<0.001*).   Subjects with greater than 33% (i.e. statistically + 1 ð) above initial mean obstruction, experienced a reduction in stenosis of 35.0 + or - 4.3% after treatment (t=8.178. p<0.001*, n=16).  [*Statistically significant change comparing the difference of the means.]

C.J. Rudolph, D.O., Ph.D., E.W. McDonagh, D.O., A.C.G.P., and R.K. Barber, B.S., A.C.S.M., E.T.T.

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