Effect of EDTA Chelation and Supportive Multivitamin/Trace Mineral Supplementation on Carotid Circulation: Case Report

A single patient with severe carotid occlusive disease and visibly evident shear motion in her right carotid artery was treated with intravenous infusions of disodium ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA).  The patient was tested with standard commonly employed methods on non-invasive vascular testing equipment including carotid duplex scanning prior to and after 30 intravenous infusions.  The patient initally had a 98% occlusion in the right internal carotid just beyond the bifurcation which was reduced to 33% after treatment.  The shear motion present initially was replaced by normal arterial expansion after therapy.

E. W. McDonagh and C. J. Rudolph 

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