The Psychotherapeutic Potential of EDTA Chelation

As far as we can establish, this is the first attempt to measure the "emotional state" of the chelation-treated patient within the limits of a time-tested and respected measuring instrument for feelings and moods, the M-R section of the Cornell Medical Index Health Questionnaire.  It can be safely concluded that the average patient demonstrates significant emotional illness and that, after approximately 26 EDTA infusions extending over about 60 days of therapy, the overall clinical (emotional) symptomatology is reduced about 30 %.  The specific reflections of feelings and mood show an improvement from a low of 23 %, in the case of anxiety, to a high of 50 % for tension.  It is hoped that these observations will catalyze interest by others in pursuing the psychopharmacologic potential of EDTA chelation therapy.

E. W. McDonagh, C. J. Rudolph and E. Cheraskin

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