Serum Cholesterol and the Aging Process

With advancing age, the average serum cholesterol level rises. Thus, older persons generally have higher cholesterol scores than do younger individuals.  Quite apart, it is a generally agreed fact that older persons die more readily than younger people.  Finally, there is general agreement that older persons with higher cholesterol levels die more readily, though not necessarily of cardiovascular disease, than older people without hypercholesterolemia.  Lowering individuals cholesterol would, in fact, be an expression of "making people younger."

    Two hundred and twenty-one routine private practice patients were studied before and after approximately two months of routine therapy including EDTA treatment and general supportive care including multivitamin/trace mineral supplementation.  The evidence indicates, within the limits of this kind of study conducted in a private practice environment, that favorable changes occurred in serum cholesterol levels suggesting a possible reversal of the aging process.

E. W. McDonagh, C. J. Rudolph and E. Cheraskin

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