Welcome Dr. Carey Wennerstrom, D.O.

I hate to use the word replacement for such an icon but with the recent retirement of Dr McDonagh, many of you have been anxious about the Clinic going forward and who would follow in his footsteps. Perhaps the most common question I am asked is Who is going to replace you guys? Well the solution has been more than 4 years in the making. I had a medical student, Carey Johnson, who spent 2 months training with me during her last year at Des Moines University osteopathic medical school. She had relatives who were helped with the chelation treatments which led her to think outside of the box and look into alternative medicine. To that end, she requested to rotate through our office. Initially it was to be a 4 week rotation but she developed an affinity for the practice and the patients and extended her rotation to 8 weeks. When we were teaching her, it became obvious that she would be the perfect fit to replace Dr. McDonagh when he retired and we, in an off the cuff manner, offered her a job back then. She was the brightest medical student I had and always was asking for more training. During her rotation with us, I allowed her to spend time with other alternative doctors to broaden her perspective on what was available in alternative practices.

Carey Johnson then went on to become Carey Johnson, DO, and spent 3 years in a family practice residency at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City and subsequently became board certified in family medicine. Even though she was traditionally trained, she has always had a passion for alternative medicine which has been her dream for the rest of her practice years. With Dr McDonaghs retirement, I (Dr.Rudolph) knew I could not service the existing patients and expand the practice so I offered her a job and she accepted. We could have used locum tenens physicians to cover me (Dr. Rudolph) but this practice is for you, the patient, and we wanted a young doctor with whom you could grow, just as you grew with me when I joined Dr. McDonagh in 1977.

She comes to us from a clinic where she was medical director of an interventional pain clinic specializing in neuropathy and muscular pain. Passionate about her work, she takes great pride in using the most minimally invasive procedures such as high frequency electrical stimulation, trigger point injections and joint injections. Prior to that, she worked as an ER physician throughout parts of Iowa and Missouri. As far as her training, she has not only been exposed to chelation through the most renowned and scientifically published facility in the world (our Clinic), she is currently on track to complete the certification process in chelation therapy. She was trained in prolotherapy by the same doctor who taught Dr. Rudolph and is familiar with the uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in which she has training. She is philosophically trained to use the natural hormone therapies like Armour thyroid and bio-identical hormones. She also brings new therapies to the clinic including the aforementioned electrical stimulation for peripheral neuropathies and cosmetic enhancement such as Botox injections and other forms of aesthetic medicine. Being board certified in family medicine, she brings the approach of a family medicine physician who combines the best of traditional and alternative medicine.

In this entire process she married an engineer, David Wennerstrom, and is now Dr. Carey Wennerstrom, our new associate. Please welcome this well trained alternative minded new doctor to the clinic. She starts October 1, 2012.

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