Dr McDonagh announces retirement

To my patients

There is a time to hold them and a time to fold them, to take a line from The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This is the time for me to fold them, that is, for me to retire from the practice of alternative medicine at McDonagh Medical Center. My interest in complementary/alternative medicine goes back to 1961 during my internship training.

I began intravenous chelation in 1962. Later Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Prolotherapy were added.

I have been unable to find a treatment for advanced chronic diseases that can hold a candle to the high quality results from these treatments.

But 50 years is enough. It is time for Mary Lou and I to kick back, unwind and smell the roses.

I shall retire at the end of August, 2012. I have asked my partner and friend, Dr. Charles Rudolph, to continue your medical care, and he has agreed to do this. I recommend you take advantage of his 35 years of experience with these treatments.

Your records will remain at McDonagh Medical Center unless you otherwise want them transferred to another physician.

It has been a distinct honor and great privilege to know each and every one of my patients and to serve as your physician.

Edward W. McDonagh D.O.

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